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Judge declines to stop voter purge; effort could be revived | The Florida Current

Addressing attorneys representing both sides, Hinkle said if the state were to restart a purge with a system proven to “generate a false positive from a perfectly lawful chronology of events” — such as getting a driver’s license and later becoming a naturalized citizen — then he and the attorneys could meet back in his courtroom to discuss the issue.

Democratic dysfunction: Is the filibuster illegal? | The Economist

"There aren’t just two kinds of personalities, liberal and conservative. Moral/ideological temperament is complex."

"Corporations have a new foe to watch: the shame lobby."

(via New corporate foe: The shame lobby - Anna Palmer and Robin Bravender -

"Corporations have a new foe to watch: the shame lobby."

(via New corporate foe: The shame lobby - Anna Palmer and Robin Bravender -

ALEC works to undermine our democracy, to lower wages, and to hurt responsible businesses

- Courting ALEC is not good public policy - Idaho Press-Tribune: Bestread

Rep. Paul Broun is “sorry for any hurt feelings anyone has” about his attempt to de-fund Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.

- The Struggle for Voting Rights -

The public is fed up with big pharmaceutical companies pursuing profit over the interests of the average American

- Pressure grows on drug firms to sever ties with conservative group after Trayvon shooting - The Hill’s Healthwatch

Apr 4

Citizens United Reform, Requiring Corporations To Disclose Political Spending, Sought From SEC

"They secretly funded a back door campaign to kill the law before it ever made it out of Congress," Bob Edgar said. "They didn’t do it in the open. They didn’t do it so their shareholders would know. They did it in secret."

Apr 4

Wisconsin Voters Reportedly Asked To Show Photo ID, Despite Suspension Of Law

Wisconsin’s voter identification law reportedly caused some confusion at a polling place Tuesday, when workers asked voters to show identification even though the requirement is suspended.

Apr 4

Looking to rebuild a Republican Party in desperate need of repair.

- Kevin McCarthy’s finishing school for Republican politicians - Alex Isenstadt -

Apr 2

Super-rich, hard-right tycoons like Foster Friess are, through the new vehicle called the super PAC, leveraging their fortunes to seize hold of the political process.

- Timothy Noah: Who Really Benefitted From Citizens United? | The New Republic